World Heritage Sites

With 49 World Heritage sites/cities, Spain ranks third in the world.

The Spanish sites are very varied and range from cave paintings to unique landscapes such as the Risco Caído and the sacred mountains of Gran Canaria and Elche, as well as medieval architecture and the modernist architecture of Antoni Gaudí.

15 Spanish cities declared World Heritage Sites:

• Ibiza (Balearic Islands)
• Alcalá de Henares (Madrid)
• Cáceres
• San Cristóbal de La Laguna (Canary Islands)
• Ávila

• Córdoba
• Úbeda (Jaén)
• Segovia
• Tarragona
• Baeza (Jaén)
• Mérida (Cáceres)
• Cuenca
• Salamanca
• Santiago de Compostela
• Toledo


With 1,500 museums and museum collections, Spain ranks eighth in the world and second in Europe.

We owe this position to our history and the culture left to us by all the civilizations that have passed through our country over the centuries.

From the famous Prado Museum, with more than 27,000 artistic objects. It is worth more for what it keeps than for what it shows, since on its walls hang 1,150 paintings, but in its storerooms rest 8,600 works that have not yet seen the light. And it would take 25 museums of the same size to display its entire collection...

...even the one called The Smallest Museum in the World, located in Barcelona.

Some cities




We summarize our World Heritage sites and our 1,500 museums and collections.