Nature & History / Paradores of Turism:

The best way to tour Spain's history and nature.
Nestled in idyllic landscapes and historic architectural structures, Spain's Parador Hotels stand as unique treasures that offer travelers an unparalleled experience. These hotels, managed by the public company Paradores de Turismo de España, are much more than just places to stay; they are bearers of Spain's rich cultural and historical heritage.

How many Paradores are there today?

98 establishments, each with a different attraction, spread throughout the country and capable of satisfying the expectations of the most demanding client.
The essence of the Paradores lies in their location in carefully restored historic buildings. From majestic castles to centuries-old monasteries, each Parador tells a unique story that is intertwined with the rich history of Spain. 
Every stone and every corner breathes the country's history, providing visitors with a tangible connection to the past.

Almost 100 years of history, restoring castles, palaces, convents, unique buildings or in areas of rich landscape or nature environments.
The first Parador was inaugurated in 1928 by King Alfonso XIII, the Parador de Gredos (Ávila). 
The last one is the Parador de Muxia (La Coruña), inaugurated in 2020.
The next openings are the Parador de Veruela, located in the monastery of the same name (Zaragoza) and the Parador de Ibiza, located in the castle and the Almudaina (Ibiza / Balearic Islands).

Corporate Events

Can you imagine holding your event in a castle, in a palace, in the cloister of a medieval convent, on a golf course overlooking the sea?
Organizing an event in a Parador gives participants the opportunity to immerse themselves in Spain's rich culture and heritage. From the architecture to the local traditions, Paradors offer an authentic experience that adds value to the event and leaves a lasting impression on attendees.
Rooms to organize your event with centuries of history and with a wide range of possible set-ups.
Despite being in historic settings, the Paradores are equipped with modern facilities and state-of-the-art technology. The event spaces are versatile, adapting to different formats, from intimate meetings to conferences and even congresses. 
The combination of old and new creates a unique atmosphere that caters to all business needs.
Many Paradores are surrounded by stunning natural landscapes. The possibility of organizing outdoor events or enjoying open spaces during breaks adds a refreshing and revitalizing element to the corporate experience, contributing to the well-being and productivity of participants. 
They are often located in areas that offer a variety of recreational and team building activities. 
This allows organizers to integrate unique experiences that strengthen team spirit and foster collaboration among participants.
The combination of history, culture, quality services and exceptional surroundings makes Paradores the perfect choice for companies looking to make their corporate event truly extraordinary.
Take your events in Spain to the next level.

Exquisite gastronomy:

One of the greatest attractions of the Paradores is their gastronomic offer. Their restaurants serve exquisite dishes that highlight the culinary richness of each region, using fresh, local ingredients. 
Their chefs have been able to search for and recover traditional recipes prepared with top quality, zero-kilometer products.
They undoubtedly constitute a unique and sensory gastronomic experience that celebrates the diversity of Spanish cuisine, combining it with new culinary techniques or touches of fusion.

Commitment to Sustainability:

Since its inception, Paradores de Turismo de España has demonstrated a strong commitment to sustainability and heritage preservation.

The renovation and restoration of historic buildings is carried out with a sustainable approach, minimising environmental impact and respecting architectural authenticity.